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Walkie Talkie
*harga adalah utk SEPASANG

Berkuasa Rendah (FRS & GMRS)

  • Motorola T5720 RM235.00

    Package include:
    2 walkie-talkie T-5720
    2 desktop charger
    2 rechargeable battery
    2 travel charger
    2 quick release swivel belt clip
    1 user's Guide


    22 Channels (8GMRS, 7 GMSR/FRS, 7 FRS) with 38 interference Eliminator Codes. GMRS channel feature increased power for longer range. 14 channels ensure backward compatibility with FRS two-way radios. Eliminator Codes minimize interference from other groups.
    QT Noise Filter
    ~~Filters out unwanted transmissions in heavy radio traffic areas.
    Audible Call Tones~~ 10 Call tones!!
    Talk Handsfree~~ with Voice Activation (VOX) when used with optional accessories.
    Talk Confirmation Tones~~ signals others you are finished talking.
    Durable, Fixed Antenna~~ Maximizes talk range.
    Weather-Resistant~~ Helps protect radios against the elements.
    Low Battery Alert~~ Audible Tone and visual display tell you when the battery is running down.
    Illuminated Display~~ Easy to read your settings in dark places.


    Can communicate with all brands radio. Boleh berkomunikasi dengan radio lain (FRS&GMRS)
    Non license walkie talkie Tidak memerlukan lesen
    Selected channels Pilihan Channel
    Lcd backlight display Lampu LCD Berwarna
    Auto channel scan Pengesan Channel Auto
    Page tone alert
    Low battery alert
    AAA x 4 Batteries (not included)
    come with 1 pair.

  • Berkuasa Tinggi (UHF Frekuensi) Rm550.00

    Model VEV-3288s

    Model VEV-588

    Package Includes:

    2 x Weierwei Walkie Talkie VEV-588
    2 x Desktop Charger
    2 x Rechargeable Battery
    2 x Headset
    2 x Antenna
    2 x Belt Clip
    2 x User Guide

    4watt power


    Berkuasa Tinggi (VHF Frekuensi) Rm800.00

    PUXING PX-777

    This radio supports the very latest in radio communications technology. With an output RF power of 5Watt and a 1200mAh Li-ion battery giving you up to 8 hours talk time, this radio surpases all other radios in its price range.These radios are fully programmable via the keypad, so no PC or programming cable is needed.

    118 Groups of memory channels
    Built-in 50 Groups of CTCSS and 104 Groups of DCS
    Comes with 1200mAh Li-ion battery
    Input Freq. By using keypad
    VOX built-in
    Scan function
    Three color LCD backlight display
    Emergency Alarm
    Programmable by PC
    Bell rings when receiving signal
    Priority Scan Function
    Adjust power Hi/Lo
    Switching between Channel/Freq.
    Adjust squelch level(0-9)
    Busy channel lockout
    Keypad lock

    Frequency Range 136 - 174MHz
    Channels 118
    Channel Steps 5k,10k,6.25k,12.5k,25k
    Power Supply 7.2V 1200mah LI-ion
    Temperature -20C - +60C
    Dimension (H x W x D) 100 x 55.5 x 31mm
    Weight 225g
    Sensitivity <0.20V
    Selectivity 65dB
    Rejection 60dB
    AF Output 500mW
    Standby Current 35mA
    Power Output (VHF)5W
    Modulation Type F3E
    Spurious Emission < -65dB
    Transmit Current 1300mA/750mA
    Max. Deviation 5kHz
    Modulation Distortion < 5%
    Frequency Stability 2.5ppm